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It was great to see all of my old friends and not have to go through the process of making new friends again. As a hopeless lover, he offered to help me in class since I was readjusting to American schooling.

But LDRs can still work and if you value your partner, you can still make your relationship last even if you’re thousands of miles away. By making sure you’ve firmly established that you will be exclusive to each other and have been dating for a long time, you will be able to do better in a long-distance relationship. Whether it is for you depends on your personality and where you are right now in your life.

In sixth grade, I fell head over heels for a boy in my Social Studies class. He was a chubby, immature, dumb boy who was the bane of our teacher’s existence. Then, I found out that my dad was being reassigned to Japan for his job and I would be moving continents away.

But for some odd reason, the stars aligned and we figured out that we liked each other. Being the pragmatic thinker, I knew that I was not about to do long distance for the 3 years I was gone. I sent him the most ruthless email I could create and didn’t think of him again while I was in Japan.

Pew Internet (2004) asserts that 79% of adult respondents from the United States reported using the Internet for communication with family and friends.

Also, Pew Internet (2002a) states that because of new technologies, college students will have greater social ties with their friends than their family members.

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