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When a parent is not emotionally attuned to a child, there is no mirror held up, no positive reflection being shared with the child.Developing a positive sense of self, then, becomes more challenging for the child.More importantly, emotional neglect is generally unrecognized by the child until symptoms begin to appear in adulthood.Emotional neglect can take many forms, from a parent having unrealistically high expectations or not listening attentively, to invalidating a child’s emotional experiences to the point he or she begins to feel self-doubt.Because it’s mostly silent and invisible, childhood emotional neglect is largely an overlooked phenomenon in psychology.

In Russia, Vladimir Putin has driven his country from postcommunist capitalism to a new and popular czardom, empowered by nationalism and blessed by a resurgent Orthodox Church.As nurses promote health in their patients, they must also promote health in themselves and one another. Although individual acts may appear harmless, the cumulative effect of these personalized insults and aggressive behaviors intensify the harm more than would a single violent act (Einarsen, 2005).Nursing has been considered the primary occupation at risk for lateral violence (Carter, 1999).Turkey has morphed from a resolutely secular state to one run by an Islamic strongman, whose powers were just ominously increased by a referendum.Israel has shifted from secular socialism to a raw ethno-nationalism.

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Studies estimate that 44% to 85% of nurses are victims of LV; up to 93% of nurses report witnessing lateral violence in the workplace (Jacobs & Kyzer, 2010; Quine, 2001).

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