Pctures of radioactive dating

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As you can see from Graph 2, the larger the coefficient the greater the 'starting amount'.

Just as delicate and longterm is the impact that the 2011 nuclear crisis is likely to continue to exert over communities from the Fukushima region, where a 12-mile exclusion zone was imposed around the plant shortly after the disaster.Yet the levels of radioactivity remain dangerously high.These pictures, taken four years after the accident, show the encroaching forest around the plant, as well as classrooms and libraries in the surrounding towns engulfed in dust and cobwebs.In the nearby town of Tomioka, hunter Shoichiro Sakamoto leads a team of 13 assigned to catch and kill the wild boars with air rifles.Twice a week, they set about 30 cage traps, using rice flour as bait.

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If the half life is '3 years', then each tick mark on the graph represents 3 years.

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