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Superdatingaffiliate com

After only two years, we are happy to have more than 22 million users of our Zen Mate security solution.

The rising interest in secure browsing, privacy and unblocking content makes our product not only interesting to professional business clients, but also to private consumers with growing concern about data protection.

Welcome To The Pay Per Click Dating Affiliate Program of Lava Place!

Our program is free to join, it's easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge.

Together Networks affiliates are normally paid once a month, but if your commission exceeds ,000 per week you can be paid weekly. Email the manager at [email protected] contact him using one of the IM handles mentioned in the network description section above.

I usually have conversion rates of 20% to 1%, depending on the quality of traffic sent.

This is of course no guarantee of what kind of conversion your traffic will produce, as every traffic source is different, but this site has converted at over 20% to a VERY highly targeted list.

However, these rates are not fixed, which means that if you have high volume and high converting traffic, you can contact your dedicated affiliate manager, and Together Networks will offer you exclusive higher rates.

Together Networks buys traffic coming from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, France, New Zealand, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, South Africa, Brazil, and India.

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Right now Im looking for serious, webmasters and website owners who would like to advertise and promote my product in order to generate additional revenue for themselves.