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In this multi-part series we hope to help demystify some of the confusion through real-life examples and suggest some best practices based on learnings from our internal use as well as implementations with our clients.

Power BI is Microsoft's analytics and dashboard Business Intelligence (BI) suite of tools and solutions.

Every company I know has data quality issues or challenges to overcome. One of the things we constantly struggle with is incomplete data and stale data.

This isn’t the first time hackers have done this–in fact, it happens all the time, according to Alan Bush of SEO agency Ignite Visibility: “There are a variety of spammy referral “organic” keywords that are leading to fake SEO services, social bookmarking networks and other black hat style websites,” says Bush.

“The Trump addition was just the latest use of this technique.

Represents an abstract reference to an s Object field.

It uses inversion of control to allow the library to get the value of an s Object field without knowing whether the reference is a String or a Schema.s Object field.

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This may seem like a lot of work, but consider this: as long as you unit test your custom predicate you can dispense with significant testing of your filter methods.